The versatility of Kawneer’s Trifab® platform continues to expand with the recent addition of our new Trifab® 601 Series Framing System. The framing system combines a 6" depth with superior thermal performance to deliver flexible options for a wide range of building applications.

Commercial fenestration products continue to play a key role in increasing the energy efficiency of a building, and the ability to provide optimal thermal performance within a system platform remains crucial. In addition to energy and performance benefits, advanced, thermally broken storefront systems allow building owners to take advantage of tax credit incentive programs and energy efficient certifications, such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®*).

Trifab® 601 Series Framing System was designed with cost and flexibility in mind. The framing system allows for the use of current 4-1/2"-deep horizontal members from center set Trifab® framing systems. The system can be glazed from either inside or outside to meet specific project requirements. The Trifab® 601 Series Framing System also uses our HP (High Performance) sill design, which attaches to the flashing by way of a raceway and eliminates the complicated blind seal method used on many flashing systems. The HP sill also includes a screw-applied end-dam, which ensures positive and tight joints between the sill flashing and end-dam.

The Trifab® 601 Series’ 6" depth accommodates higher spans than conventional 4-1/2" storefront framing systems, allowing for increased height and width. With a 2" x 6" frame profile, the system’s sightline is consistent with current systems and provides needed structural strength. Its optional 2-1/4" x 6" vertical mullion allows for internal steel reinforcement for projects with greater structural performance requirements.

The new Trifab® 601 Series Framing System was debuted in Kawneer and Traco’s exhibit during the AIA 2012 National Convention and Design Exposition in Washington, D.C., May 17 – 19.

The new TF601/601T/601UT price catalog section and installation instructions are available for download from the Resource Center on For more information on the Trifab® 601 Series Framing System, click here, or to learn more about our Trifab® platform, please visit or contact your sales representative. 

*LEED is a registered trademark of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC)


Leveraging our exclusive dual IsoLock® lanced pour and debridge technology, the Trifab® 601 Series Framing System provides three levels of thermal performance: the non-thermal Trifab® 601, the single thermal break Trifab® 601T and the dual thermal break 601UT (Ultra Thermal). And, as one of the only products on the market to combine superior thermal performance with a larger, more versatile span, the new series allows Kawneer to bridge the gap between traditional framing systems and low-rise curtain walls.