Port of Nanaimo Cruise Ship Terminal
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Designed to resemble the curvilinear hull of a large ship, the new Port of Nanaimo Cruise Ship Terminal is the first building in British Columbia to feature Kawneer’s new Clearwall™ Curtain Wall. The 13,700 square foot facility includes a large welcome center and facilities for the Canadian Border Services Agency, as well as offices for the local port authority. To reflect the area’s natural environment, local wood products were used in the majority of the building’s interior and exterior design, including several columns and beams made of glulam, a beautiful, strong and versatile material of glued laminated timber.

To complement the wood features and take advantage of the panoramic ocean views, the project’s architects, Ben Checkwitch of Ben Checkwitch Design and David Poiron of David Poiron Architect Inc., included a large section of all-glass curtain wall. To provide a sleek, uninterrupted appearance, they wanted a four-sided capless curtain wall and selected Kawneer’s Clearwall™ Curtain Wall (Screw Spline Interface, or SSI, option). Designed to meet the growing market need for uninterrupted, all-glass facades, the Clearwall™ Curtain Wall includes innovative design features such as the four-sided Toggle-Glazed (TG) assembly and screw spline application, which decreases installation time and helps with on-site labor costs.

“Although Clearwall™ is a new product, Kawneer provided us with ample guides, information and engineering support to ensure that installation ran smoothly, which I am pleased to say it did,” said Jason Browning, owner of b3 Glass Ltd., the project’s glazing contractor. “As cruise ships were scheduled to arrive at the new terminal we were on a very tight timeline and Clearwall™ helped us meet the timeline with no problems.”

The terminal is a milestone for the city of Nanaimo, which underwent years of lobbying efforts and fundraising to entice large cruise ships to visit their community, thereby bringing an increase in tourism and stimulating the local economy. The new marine terminal and welcome center can handle ships of up to 1,050 feet, and has already scheduled many visits from large companies like Celebrity Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line.

“Using a new product that architects and customers aren’t familiar with can be both challenging and exciting,” said Chris Lambert, Architectural Sales Rep with Kawneer. “It is a matter of getting everyone familiar with the product’s capabilities and showing them how well it can perform for their project. We were not only able to do that for the Port of Nanaimo Cruise Ship Terminal, but have been able to use this project as a real-world example of how wonderfully the Clearwall™ product can work.”

David Poiron Architect Inc.
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Ben Checkwitch Design
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

Glazing Contractor:
b3 Glass Ltd.
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Kawneer Clearwall™ Curtain Wall, Screw Spline Interface (SSI) option

Shipley Lofts
Wilmington, Delaware
As a part of downtown Wilmington’s revitalization project, the large open building on Shipley Street, which had been vacant for several years, was selected to become a new loft and gallery space for the city’s growing artist community. Through a partnership between the mayor’s office, the Shipley Village Community Development Corporation (SVCDC) and the Delaware College of Art and Design, a plan was developed over several years to create low-income housing and exhibition space for young and active artists. In 2010, the building underwent a full renovation that included several products from both Kawneer and its Traco division.

Though faced with site and fundraising challenges, the SVCDC worked with several designers and developers to create the plan for the current design. The Development Corporation was able to get the building placed on the National Historic Register and obtain funding through several investors and low-income tax credits to help make the dream a reality. The building, however, was in bad shape after years of vacancy and deterioration. To help with the renovation process, Graboyes Commercial Window Co. construction team selected a combination of products from Kawneer and Traco, including TR-9700 3-1/4" Single Hung Side Load Architectural Thermal Aluminum Windows, TR-3500 3-1/4" Overlap Project Out Architectural Thermal Aluminum Windows and the Trifab® VersaGlaze® 451T storefront framing system for their aesthetic value, which would enhance the historic look of both the building and downtown Wilmington.

The installation itself, which took place from December to January, tested the project team. In addition to coordinating the schedule with other trades, the windows needed to be installed into the storefront framing and there were space considerations. “We were able to install the Traco windows into the Kawneer storefront nicely. The Traco vents and muntins were incorporated into the framing system to help maintain the aesthetic quality of the product,” said John Scott, Chief Operating Officer for Graboyes Commercial Window Co. “We had to crane the windows in due to space limitations at the job site and no staging area. However, the products’ ease of installation enabled the project to be completed on time and on budget and everyone was pleased.”

The Trifab® VersaGlaze® 451T framing system was used for the building’s first floor gallery space, allowing those passing by to see the work created by artists and residents. The TR-9700 Single Hung units and the TR-3500 Project Out units helped enhance the building’s thermal performance. Completed in March 2010, the building quickly filled up with tenants eager to become a part of the new community and contribute to the live-work space of Wilmington’s growing art scene. The superior aesthetics, versatility and high-performance capabilities of the products will allow the Shipley Lofts – which were leased by the SVCDC for 99 years – to maintain its look and function for many generations of artists to come.

Architectural Alliance Inc.
Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Window Installer / Glazing Contractor:
Graboyes Commercial Window Co.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Eureka Metal & Glass Services
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Trifab® VersaGlaze® 451T framing systems
TR-9700 3-1/4" Single Hung Side Load Architectural Thermal Aluminum Windows
TR-3500 3-1/4" Overlap Project Out Architectural Thermal Aluminum Windows