To address the growing demand for thermally efficient products that provide blast mitigation protection in the United States, we have taken a cross-section of our ultra thermal product portfolio and put it through the rigors of blast mitigation testing to deliver a single-source solution of high-performing blast resistant products and systems. AA®425 Thermal Entrances, AA®4325 OptiQ™ Ultra Thermal Fixed Over Project Out Window and IR 501UT (Ultra Thermal) Framing have been tested to meet Department of Defense (DoD) and Interagency Security Committee (ISC)/General Services Administration (GSA) requirements as well as ASTM F1642 to protect building occupants from all forms of external force.

Security threats – to people and property – are real, and increasing the safety of building occupants and preserving human lives by protecting persons within or near a target building is a primary goal of blast mitigation. Additional thermal requirements and energy codes for buildings often call for blast mitigation products to be thermally broken. Providing the highest levels of thermal performance, our newly expanded range of blast mitigation products stand ready to accomplish this objective.


Not only do these products extend beyond industry-leading thermal performance and deliver increased energy efficiency and occupant comfort, they also offer higher levels of protection for the complete building. Whether new construction or retrofit applications, we provide solutions that deliver added defense against damage and devastation and protect what’s inside. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that matters the most.

As we update the portfolio, we will keep you posted on news and information. Please visit or contact your sales representative to learn how these products could be the right solution for your next project.