Kawneer recently enhanced the AA®3350 IsoPort™ Window. We’ve kept the same features that made the window great – additional testing results, new installation accessories and aesthetic features give the window more flexibility than ever. 

The initial release of the AA®3350 IsoPort™ Window was tested to meet the performance levels of AAMA CW-PG50 / AW-PG50. After additional testing at the AAMA AW-PG70 level, the window now meets the requirements for projects that demand a 70psf design pressure for certain sizes, giving you additional flexibility for your project needs. Below is a listing of the maximum sizes for all performance levels. 

The design modification enables the frame to accept a wider variety of panning shapes. Plus, the window now accepts applied muntin grids, making it ideal for historic building applications. There are several different muntin styles and widths available to accommodate project needs. 

The AA®3350 IsoPort™ Window continues to leverage an innovative polyamide thermal break design to meet current energy codes, leading the way in thermal performance at a competitive price. 

We are excited to offer these enhancements on the AA®3350 IsoPort™ Window and encourage you to visit Kawneer.com for more information. Or, you can contact your sales representative to learn how the enhanced AA®3350 IsoPort™ Window Series could work for your next project.