Kawneer and The DeMichele Group, a proven software engineering company known for advanced architectural programming, bring you PartnerPak Studio – the next generation of fenestration software. Designed to offer customers a significant enhancement to business productivity, PartnerPak Studio will change the way you view estimating, engineering and fabrication.

This innovative solution is built on a contemporary software platform utilizing DirectX controls for three-dimensional visualization, interoperability between Autodesk® products and a SQL database for multi-user file sharing in a network environment. The easy-to-use software allows architectural details to be imported from AutoCAD® using a “center line” approach and export directly to a DWG format at the entity level, simplifying work with dimensions, glass and hardware and permitting the user to define perimeter conditions.

The traditional PartnerPak “Graphics Editor” has been replaced with advanced three-dimensional technology, which provides immediate visualization of any alterations made to frames and components, as well as to the associated hardware, glass and fabrication locations. The “Door Selection” has been transformed into a fully functional “Door Configurator” that allows for visual selection and verification of the supporting hardware and options.

Expanding on DeMichele’s extensive experience from customer interfaces to manufacturing machinery, PartnerPak Studio contains a universal NCX file generator that will facilitate creation of CNC gCode for Elumatec, Tekna and Emmegi equipment as well as DeMichele’s full line of fabrication equipment. Users will be able to add custom definitions for Drill/Notch/Routing (size, location and depth), and user-defined end angles per stick are also supported.

As with the current version of PartnerPak+®, a XML file can be generated from qualifying projects for input directly into the KawneerDirect online order entry system, where non-quoted orders continue to receive a two percent discount.

PartnerPak Studio marks a new opportunity for collaboration and data exchange between contemporary industry software in today’s three-dimensional world. We hope that you will enjoy the benefits of this exciting new software and will keep you updated as Kawneer and The DeMichele Group continue to offer new functional and product features in the PartnerPak Studio releases to come.

For more information on PartnerPark Studio, visit Kawneer.com or contact your local sales representative.