We recently announced that Kawneer’s Versoleil™ SunShade System is now available on 1600UT System™1 Curtain Wall. This is part of our ongoing initiative to offer sunshades on our range of ultra thermal platforms and another way we continue to offer more solutions for maximizing shading and energy saving potential.

This product enhancement offers a fully pre-engineered and tested solution for applying both Versoleil™ SunShade Outrigger and Single Blade Systems to double (1") and triple glazed (1-3/4") infill versions of 1600UT™ System 1 Curtain Wall. 

A variety of options for both Versoleil™ SunShade Outrigger and Single Blade Systems are available as a standard offering, helping enhance aesthetics while increasing the comfort and efficiency of the building. Both the Outrigger System and Single Blade options deliver an unmatched breadth and depth of application – all from a single source supplier. Versoleil™ SunShades are tough performers – designed and tested to withstand the stresses resulting from wind, snow or other weather-related factors. And, when strategically placed, Versoleil™ SunShades allow for maximum daylighting, all while minimizing direct sunlight and reducing solar heat gain. Versoleil™ SunShades can help earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®*) credits in several categories including: Materials & Resources – Recycled Content and Energy & Atmosphere – Optimize Energy Performance. In addition to shading interiors and conserving energy, Versoleil™ SunShades add aesthetic appeal to building envelopes. Their seamless incorporation into any building envelope gives architects increased flexibility and demonstrates how Versoleil™ SunShades continue to set the industry standard for form and function. 

This addition is also supported by Kawneer’s online Solector™ Sun Shading Estimator Tool which was developed for architects to use early in the design phase to help determine how key variables like outrigger depth, blade angles, etc. impact the shading performance of Outrigger and Single Blade SunShades. The Solector™ Sun Shading Estimator can compare annual shading performance scenarios using Versoleil™ SunShades on a façade. This tool also provides an estimate of cooling energy and cost savings on an annual basis, using some broad assumptions. Energy savings are calculated based on solar heat gain avoided due to exterior shading of the façade.

To discuss how Versoleil™ SunShades or 1600UT System™1 Curtain Wall can be used on your next project be sure to contact your sales representative.

*LEED is a registered trademark of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC)