Art Gallery of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Located in the center of Canada’s arts and government activity is the dramatic and iconic structure of the Art Gallery of Alberta. Designed by Randall Stout, FAIA, of Randall Stout Architects in Los Angeles, California, the building is intended to be a cultural and artistic representation of the museum’s significance. The concept for the award-winning $86 million project is an intricate geometric design featuring a complex, curved stainless steel ribbon that references the forms of the North Saskatchewan River and aurora borealis, or the northern lights. The 84,000-square-foot building features several products from Kawneer including its 1600 Curtain Wall, 2250 IG (Inside Glazed) Curtain Wall, 2000 Skylight, Trifab® VG (VersaGlaze®) 450 framing and 350 Standard Entrances. The art gallery was recently recognized by Metal Architecture with the Grand Award in its 2011 Metal Architecture Design Awards and has also received the Metal Construction Association 2010 President’s Award for Overall Excellence, Alberta Construction Magazine’s “Institution” Category Winner, the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) Alberta 2011 Architectural Award and more.

The building’s most prominent feature, the ribbon, is juxtaposed with angular windows and curtain wall that extends throughout the building’s interior atrium and then erupts outdoors wrapping around the exterior. The combination of the glazed elements and reflective metal surfaces, including zinc panels, animate the building, giving it a sense of fluidity. To allow visitors and passersby to see activities inside the atrium, a wide expanse of curtain wall was used on the interior and exterior of the building. Kawneer’s 1600 Curtain Wall and 2000 Skylight were used on the exterior of the building, while the 2250 IG (Inside Glazed) Curtain Wall was used as an interior frame.

In addition to the dramatic aesthetic impacts, Kawneer products were used to address the extreme weather patterns in Edmonton. Kawneer’s 2000 Skylight and 1600 Curtain Wall were double glazed for increased thermal performance and its Trifab® VG (VersaGlaze®) 450 framing system offered the versatility required for the complex design. The company’s 350 Standard Entrances provided enhanced durability and weather resistance as well as superior aesthetics.

“This is certainly the most dynamic design for a building in Edmonton,” said Charles World, Business Development Manager for Acheson, Alberta-based Flynn Canada. “This museum space is a cultural contribution to the community and we hope that the building itself will set the bar for architecture in the city.”

Randall Stout Architects
Los Angeles, California, USAHIP Architects
Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaGlazing Contractor:
Flynn Canada
Acheson, Alberta, Canada
Kawneer Products:
1600 Curtain Wall
2250 IG (Inside Glazed) Curtain Wall
2000 Skylight
Trifab® VG (VersaGlaze®) 450 Framing
350 Standard Entrances