Kawneer is Making Moves in Canada

Last year, we communicated several strategic initiatives to upgrade our service centers and expand our capabilities in the Central and Eastern Canadian markets. One such effort included combining our current Scarborough facility and Mississauga Service Center into one new and expanded Fabrication Center for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). In keeping with this commitment, we recently announced that we officially have a lease agreement in place for our new Greater Toronto Area Service Center. The new GTA Service Center will be located at 200 Confederation Parkway, Vaughn, Ontario and we expect to be able to move into the location by Spring 2011.

These plans were developed to provide greater flexibility and unparalleled service to our customers. We believe that we can better build and develop our talent and resources in a combined GTA location that will handle both fabrication and Kawneer Global Special Projects (KGSP) under one roof.

In addition to our new GTA facility, we have added fabrication capabilities to our Montreal Service Center by investing in state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and technology. These new capabilities will provide customers with a broader range of resources, as well as increased production, resulting in shorter lead times and enhanced quality.

These exciting developments in Canada will enable us to better meet the demand of today’s market with shorter lead times, as well as future demand, and to do so while remaining cost competitive. Great progress is being made in Central and Eastern Canada as we streamline the business to better serve the marketplace. We have a lot to build upon this year and look forward to the possibilities that it brings. We will continue to update you on these key initiatives in the Canadian market.

Kawneer Sponsors the University of Tennessee’s 2011 Solar Decathlon Project

In support of educating students and the public about the benefits of energy-efficient systems and construction, Kawneer recently signed on as a sponsor of the University of Tennessee’s 2011 Solar Decathlon Team, “Living Light.” As a “White Level” sponsor, we will be donating several products – including storefront, curtain wall, entrances and window components – to the team as they compete in the prestigious Solar Decathlon administered by the United States Department of Energy (DOE).

So what is the Solar Decathlon?

The U.S. DOE Solar Decathlon features 20 collegiate teams who have been selected to design and build energy-efficient houses powered exclusively by the sun. The first Decathlon was held in 2002 and has since occurred every other year in 2005, 2007 and 2009. The University of Tennessee’s Living Light team is composed of undergraduate and graduate students and faculty in the University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design, College of Engineering and School of Art. The competition will take place on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. September 23–October 2, 2011. When they present their project in October, the team will have spent nearly two years designing and building the Living Light House.

In addition to product donation, our experts will also assist the team with the installation and glazing of the systems. We have a long history of supporting current and future architects, designers and engineers as they work to find more environmentally responsible and efficient solutions to everyday building challenges. The Solar Decathlon, the DOE and institutions like the University of Tennessee are driving research on such key topics as energy efficiency and solar control. We look forward to a final product that gives us further insight into the next generation of fenestration product design.

For more information about the Solar Decathlon competition visit Solardecathlon.gov. To learn more about the University of Tennessee’s Living Light team visit Livinglightutk.com.

Kawneer Offers New Feature on KawneerDirect

In December 2010 we announced a new feature to the Order Management Section of KawneerDirect – “Upload Stock Items to Cart”. The new feature is ideal when you have orders for extrusions or small parts that would lend themselves to be entered via a spreadsheet.

To use this new feature, simply populate your Excel spreadsheet in a format similar to the one shown. The columns must contain the following:
Column A - The fully qualified part number
Column B - The quantity required
Column C - Optional paint code

Row 1 is always a free-form header and will be ignored by KawneerDirect.

Part numbers in the Excel file must match part numbers exactly as they appear in the online catalog. This feature is not eligible for configured parts such as doors and frames in the A1 or A4 section of the price book. Please note that if a configured item or an invalid part number is found in the Excel file, the whole file will be rejected.

Additional requirements and limitations for uploading the Excel sheet as well as a sample Excel file for download are located directly on the “Upload Stock Items to Cart” page on KawneerDirect.

Through KawneerDirect we work to provide you with tools and communications that not only create satisfaction and ease, but also make it easier for you to do your job. We hope this added feature will save you time when entering grocery-list orders for non-configured products. And don’t forget about the added benefit of receiving a 2 percent discount when you enter a non-quoted order via KawneerDirect. If you do not have a KawneerDirect user ID, go to KawneerDirect.com and click on the “New User!” link. For additional information, please contact your Customer Service Coordinator.

Training in the New Year

The beginning of a new year marks a time to reflect on past challenges and provides an opportunity to make changes that can help drive future success. As a part of our ongoing dedication to customer education and communication, Kawneer offers year-round training schools to provide you with the fundamental knowledge that will help you achieve your business goals.

These training schools provide a forum for in-person interaction with experts as well as an opportunity to share knowledge and experience with peers. Two types of training classes are offered – Mechanics Schools and Modules Schools – and are designed to benefit both the beginner and the seasoned veteran. The 2011 schedule is listed below:

Mechanics Schools
April 26-28, 2011: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Modules Schools
March 8-10, 2011: Denver, Colorado, USA
April 12-14, 2011: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
September 27-29, 2011: Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
October 17-21, 2011: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Register online and receive a $25 discount. Simply log on to KawneerDirect.com, click on the Resource Center and select either the Mechanics School or Modules School from the Training drop-down menu. From there you can register and find out more details about each session. If you don’t have a user ID and want to register, click here to request a user ID.

If you have questions, call the Kawneer Training Department at 770.248.2789 or contact us via email.