Kawneer, Traco and Reynobond® Products Fuel Inspiration at 2014 AIA National Convention and Design Expo

For the first time, we offered thousands of AIA attendees visibility of Kawneer, Traco and Reynobond® products in one space and delivered a unique interactive experience to showcase how all our products work together to address the whole building envelope. This was a big change for us, as previously we’ve always exhibited separately at industry shows like the AIA National Convention and Design Expo.

Through a series of new, hands-on market solution stations and various displays, we were able to highlight the many ways in which Kawneer, Traco and Reynobond® architectural products provide solutions – not just products – to help inspire endless design possibilities.

In addition, several products and systems were featured in the exhibit, including the recently introduced 1620/1620 SSG Curtain Wall and InFrame™ Interior Framing System. We also highlighted Kawneer and Traco windows and other products across multiple categories, including sun shading, impact resistance, blast mitigation and other high thermal performing products. Additionally, the Reynobond® architectural panels display showcased innovative cladding alternatives, including Reynobond® Panels with EcoClean™ Coating and Reynobond® Panels with PrismFX™ Finishes.

By uniting all brands in one space, we were able to create a design experience that helped fuel inspiration. Our objective is to deliver solutions that gives life to your inspiration. With Kawneer, Traco and Reynobond® architectural products, we are offering architects a new way to look at the façade, placing endless design options at their fingertips.

Kawneer was also among a limited number of exhibitors providing educational opportunities on the expo floor within the CES Theatres. During the filled-to-capacity, 60-minute session, Henry Taylor, Kawneer’s Architectural Service Team Consultant, offered an exclusive look at curtain wall design and selection.

This year we saw an increase in our overall show attendance as well as an increase in traffic to our booth. The response to our combined exhibit was overwhelmingly positive. We plan to continue to share this interactive booth experience at the Greenbuild® International Conference and Expo, October 22–24 in New Orleans. Stay tuned for other activities that will continue to show how Kawneer, Traco and Reynobond® products can work together to not only inspire architects, but also create solutions for a range of design and building needs.

Pre-Authorization for Corrective Field Repair

We recently put into effect a name and location change to the existing corrective field labor documentation in our architectural detail manual and North American price catalog. This change does not affect any warranty coverage or sales terms and conditions.

This will modify the order of the corrective field repair documentation, putting it directly in front of the corrective field repair authorization form within the general information sections. For your convenience, we also added this documentation to KawneerDirect’s Resource Center as a stand-alone document.

You can access the latest copy of the general information section of the architectural manual from Kawneer.com and the general information section of the price catalog from KawneerDirect.com. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions regarding the documentation.

Window Product Updates: Kawneer Revises Panning Options, 
Expands Canadian Market Offering

As part of the revision to our line of Kawneer window products, we eliminated the Kawneer panning shapes previously available through our Springdale, Arkansas facility. Any requirements for pre-set panning will be supplied using the Traco pre-set shapes. Updates have been made to Kawneer windows (AA™3350 Thermal Window, 8400TL Thermal Window and 7225 Non-thermal Window/8225TL Thermal Window) to ensure that specific window frame sill extrusions work with the Traco pre-set panning.

We updated the Architectural Catalog section that included Kawneer panning and trims by removing the Kawneer panning and adding the available Traco trim and clip options listed above.


In other window news, the Kawneer Cranberry facility continues to offer several window options for the Canadian market. Historically, for windows to meet Canadian market performance requirements, we were required to test windows to a specific CSA standard. Our Window Selection Guide, located on Kawneer.com, lists the products that meet these requirements. In this guide, the "CSA Designation" column identifies which product was tested to each performance level within the Canadian CSA requirement. Our Cranberry facility produces AA™5450 (OptiQ™) and AA™4325 (OptiQ™) Ultra Thermal Windows, AA™3350 Thermal Windows, AA™900 Thermal Windows and 8400TL Thermal Windows, and all were tested to specific CSA standards.

Please note, however, that more provinces are changing from CSA to NAFS-08 (also known as AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440 or the harmonized standard). All Traco TR and NX series windows have been tested to the NAFS-08 standard. NAFS-08 is now referenced in 2010 NBCC (National Building Code of Canada), 2012 BCBC (British Columbia Building Code) and 2013 VBBL (Vancouver Building Bylaw). Most of Canada has adopted NAFS-08 by reference through their updated building code. Even with the official adoption, it is up to the local jurisdiction for enforcement. Please consult your sales representative for more information.

AA™3350 Thermal Windows, AA™5450 Ultra Thermal Windows, AA™4325 Ultra Thermal Windows and OptiQ™ are trademarks of Kawneer Company, Inc. and Alcoa Inc.

Enhanced Window Pricing Guide Now Available

As part of our effort to provide our customers with a more comprehensive online window pricing portal, we have made several key enhancements to the Window Pricing Guide. These changes include:

  • Expanded Product Line* – All configurations of 8400TL Thermal Windows have been added – fixed, single hung, double hung and horizontal sliding configurations.
  • Enhanced Layout – The pricing guide has been reformatted with an improved design to allow for easy viewing and ordering.
  • Part Number Cross-Reference on Accessories – The addition of Cranberry part numbers on accessories allows for easy cross-reference on the Order Detail Report.
  • Per-Foot Pricing on Accessories – Stock length pricing for accessories has been changed to pricing per lineal foot, allowing more flexibility with your order.
  • Updated Pricing – Pricing for all products, accessories and glass has been updated to provide competitive pricing on products and options available in the Window Pricing Guide. All product product price updates took effect July 7 (all existing estimates prior to July 7 will be honored for 60 days).
  • Standard Glass Types – We continue offer pricing on standard glass types.

The Window Pricing Guide is designed as a tool to provide you with a quick method of pricing windows for small-order quantities of less than 100 units on select configurations. It can be found on the Resource Center of KawneerDirect. The window order form should be used for calculating your estimated net price and must accompany any purchase order for windows that were priced using the Window Pricing Guide.

Our goal is to make placing orders as seamless as possible. We hope this expanded and improved Window Pricing Guide will be a helpful tool in your pursuit of projects using Kawneer windows. If you would like more information on products or need assistance using the guide, please contact your sales representative. Product information can also be found at kawneer.com.

*Please note insect screens for 8400TL series windows are priced differently than 7225/8225TL series window insect screens. 8400TL insect screen pricing is based on quantity of units.