Kawneer and Bronze Craft Partner to Offer Customers Combined Warranty

Kawneer has recently partnered with Bronze Craft to offer customers a combined warranty on Kawneer windows with Ultraflex Control Systems (UCS) actuators from Bronze Craft. This partnership comes as a result of tests conducted by Kawneer for air, water and structural performance, where UCS actuators were found to have highly successful results.

Kawneer’s standard warranty will apply when actuators are mounted to windows within the limitations specified below and per the requirements provided by Bronze Craft:

  • Actuators are to be purchased, supplied and shipped directly through Bronze Craft.
  • Window fabrication will be coordinated between Kawneer and Bronze Craft.
  • After installation, Bronze Craft will provide actuator system maintenance information.
  • Bronze Craft will provide a two-year warranty on the actuator system from the date of installation; Kawneer will provide a standard two-year warranty on the windows having actuators when the installation is designed and warranted by Bronze Craft and falls within the tested sizes and configurations listed in the matrix below.

Bronze Craft will provide design recommendations and quotations on projects requiring window actuators and will be available to provide technical assistance related to the actuator portion of the project. In the event of a large project with complex systems, Bronze Craft will also provide technical assistance at the job site if needed.

We hope you will find this new warranty helpful for your range of building products. For more information about this warranty program or to discuss how you can select a window and actuator for your next project, please contact your local sales representative.

Product Configuration Max.
Window Height
Window Width
7225 Non-Thermal Window /
8225TL IsoLock® Window
Project Out & Project In 36” 60”
AA®900 IsoWeb® Window Project Out & Project In 36” 60”
GLASSvent® for Storefront Project Out 36” 60”
GLASSvent® for Curtain Wall Project Out 36” 57.5”