Kawneer Adds Customer Warranties Self-Service Utility to KawneerDirect

Building on our ongoing efforts to increase consumer satisfaction and ease, Kawneer has developed an interactive resource on KawneerDirect to provide customers self-service access to their product warranty information. With the click of a button, warranty documents can be generated and converted into portable document files (PDF). You can open or save the PDF files to your computer or network; from there you can email or print the documents as needed. All that is needed is a KawneerDirect User ID and Kawneer Sales Order Number (SO#).

The “Customer Warranty” Self-Service Utility on KawneerDirect will search our project database and pull all Sales Order numbers (SO#s) that are linked together in your job or project. Once collected, the system will search the associated SO#s for pertinent information relative to anodized finishes, painted finishes and insulating glass units, then retrieve the corresponding available Limited Warranty and Remedy document. These include: Anodized Finishes; Painted Finishes; Insulating Glass Unit; Material & Workmanship (all orders will generate a Material & Workmanship Warranty and Remedy document); and Extended Warranties, which are available for orders entered after July 19, 2010*.

After you log into KawneerDirect, it takes three easy steps to generate warranties for your sales order:

1. Click on the Customer Warranties” link under Self-service Utilities on the left hand side of the page.

2. Enter your SO# in the available field, then click the submit button.

3. The utility will generate a PDF file, which you can then print or save to your computer.

Kawneer is dedicated to providing premium service to our customers and continues to enhance KawneerDirect so that you can save both time and money by placing more information at your fingertips. If you do not have a KawneerDirect user ID, simply go to KawneerDirect.com and click the “New User” link on the landing page. For further questions please contact your Customer Service Coordinator.

* Note: orders entered prior to July 19 will generate standard warranties only. If you require an extended warranty for orders entered prior to July 19, 2010 please contact your Customer Service Coordinator.