KawneerConnect: A Simple Way to Expand Your Community and Enhance Your Business

In December 2009 we invited you to join the KawneerConnect community. If you haven’t joined and are looking for a place to share project information with the Kawneer community visit our online collaboration site, KawneerConnect.com. This new tool uses AlcoaDirect Collaboration to allow Kawneer suppliers, distributors and business partners to coordinate projects and exchange information.

We’re excited to collaborate with you through this new tool and hope you’ll join. The sign-up process is easy! Our secure file sharing community requires you to have a user ID and password to access project information, so all you have to do is contact your Customer Service Coordinator to request a user ID and password. Then go to KawneerConnect to get started.

Once on the site, you will be able to see your company’s dedicated folder, which will contain subsequent project sub-folders (example shown at right). You will also have the ability to create specific project folders under your company folder where you can share documents and project information via uploads and downloads (example shown at right).

Not only is it easy to connect, it’s also beneficial! We’ve found that increasing communication increases efficiency and effectiveness. So why hesitate? Go to KawneerConnect today and connect with Kawneer on your next project. For further information please contact your Customer Service Coordinator.