We are excited to bring you the biggest offering of aluminum and steel framing systems in the industry. Our new, strategic partnership with Forster Profile Systems, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of steel and stainless steel framing systems, allows Kawneer to distribute Forster’s steel framing systems exclusively through our customer network. What does this mean to you? It means bigger possibilities. Bigger ideas. It means that our North American customer base now has access to the most complete and technically advanced line of steel and stainless steel framing systems for fire-rated and non-rated applications. Since steel can have up to 3X the structural property of aluminum, we now provide a solution for monumental elevations beyond the capability of aluminum. Build bigger. Design bigger. Go big! By uniting two world-class leaders, our customers can now rely on one, single supplier to provide the top of the line systems for all their glazing needs.

We are proud to be known for providing the market with the most comprehensive line of architectural aluminum building products and systems for commercial construction – and our new agreement with Forster Profile Systems will continue to set us apart as a leader in this way. Now Kawneer, and our customer base, can be the market’s one-stop shop for virtually all glazing solutions.

Forster systems meet code requirements for fire protection and fire resistance for up to 120 minutes. Systems are designed for interior glazed walls and exterior elevations providing top safety and thermal performance. Kawneer Steel Framing systems are available in storefront, entrances, windows and curtain wall options. Systems include:


Forster presto: This is a complete interior framing system for fixed frames and flush-fitting single- and double-leaf interior doors, as well as oversized units. Fixed frames and entrances provide 20- to 90-minute fire protection as well as monumental non-rated applications. For architectural appeal, Forster presto offers rabbeted door assemblies and profiles with squarer corners than typical hollow metal. Frames and entrances are available in steel or stainless steel.

Forster fuego light: This product line can be used for applications where fire resistance is required. Forster fuego light meets 60- to 120-minute testing for fire-rated applications, with the added benefit of being a barrier to radiant heat. Forster fuego light provides superior protection and safety. Entrances can be single or pairs – standard and oversized ­– and have strong architectural appeal with optional cross rails and rabbeted construction. Profiles have clean crisp corners and are available in both painted steel and stainless steel. System profiles are consistent and narrow for this type of product with the depth increasing based upon the fire rating required.

Forster unico: This system offers thermally-insulated profiles for single- and double-leaf doors for exterior elevations. The base profiles are comprised of 100 percent recyclable steel and contain no synthetic insulating materials – in contrast to other insulated systems. Low-conductive metal integration provides thermally improved performance of exterior frames. Steel frames can be up to three times as strong as similar aluminum shapes allowing for monumental elevations and entrances.


Forster unico windows: Steel tilt-turn windows are available for non-rated, thermally-improved applications.  Steel windows will allow a wider range of size options in the unique European tilt-turn configuration.  Forster unico windows can be used independently or as operable vents in a thermally broken curtain wall system, such as Forster thermfix vario.


Forster thermfix vario: Thermal interior or exterior curtain wall provides 60-, 90- or 120-minute fire and heat protection. Frames are available either 1 3/4” or 2 3/8” wide in finished steel or stainless steel with covers available in steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Steel system depths are available in 6”, 7 1/2” and 8 1/4” with 1” insulated units as well as 6” in stainless steel.  The system depth can increase in fire-rated applications due to infill thickness. Forster thermfix vario can be combined with either fire-rated entrances or non-rated thermally-improved entrances and windows providing a wide range of glazing solutions for design and protection demands.  Available infills range from 1/4” to 2 3/8”.  The structural capability of steel will allow the use of glazing solutions considerably larger than could be achieved with similar aluminum frames. Assembly of frames is very similar to methods used with aluminum curtain walls.

These systems offer a tremendous opportunity to expand business into an adjacent market with less competition. More information about the new opportunities open through Forster Steel and stainless steel frames can be found at kawneer.com/forster.