Although the market still faces challenges, Kawneer is looking ahead and investing in future growth and opportunity. We have embarked on a strategic initiative to upgrade our service centers, which will provide more flexibility and unparalleled service to our customers.

To begin with, we recently made a significant investment in the expansion of capabilities at our 52,000-square-foot Austell, Georgia facility. This marks an important step for Kawneer as we continue to invest in the business for long-term growth. The new improvements will provide customers with a broader range of resources, as well as increased production, storage and inventory, resulting in shorter lead times, enhanced quality and greater service capabilities. Our Austell service center offers stock items, a custom door line, framing systems, welding, fabrication and packing. The new state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and technology will better prepare the facility’s more than 40 experienced employees to provide exceptional service, giving customers the expertise that has helped make us an industry leader.

In addition to investing in the Austell facility, we are also making a significant investment in the Central and Eastern Canadian markets by combining our current Scarborough facility and Mississauga Service Center into one new and expanded Fabrication Center for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We believe that we can better build and develop our talent and resources in a combined GTA location that will handle both fabrication and Kawneer Global Special Projects (KGSP) under one roof. The new GTA facility is anticipated to open in Q4 2010. Additionally, we are planning significant upgrades to our new GTA facility, as well as adding fabrication capabilities to our Montreal Service Center by investing in state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and technology at both locations. These significant investments will provide customers with a broader range of resources and increased production, resulting in shorter lead times and enhanced quality. We anticipate beginning door production in Montreal in Q3 2010.

Providing you with exceptional service and the resources you need to grow your businesses is a priority. And more state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and technology will give us the flexibility to be even more responsive to market cyclicality, and better meet the demand of today’s market, as well as future demands when the market improves.

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