KawneerDirect.com and PartnerPak+® are two of your most powerful electronic order processing tools, and we’re excited to announce that we can now provide you with the capability to link these two tools together. The new “Upload file to cart” utility on KawneerDirect allows you to upload a purchase order created with PartnerPak+® estimating software directly to the KawneerDirect shopping cart. This saves you valuable time and also provides the added benefit of eliminating errors that can occur when re-keying or transferring information from system to system.

Since we first introduced KawneerDirect.com, we have continuously worked to expand its capabilities, making it a more useful and convenient tool for you. We have also seen PartnerPak+®, from The DeMichele Group, continue to evolve and become a favorite estimating tool for Kawneer glaziers. Estimating and bid proposals are the heart of this program that supplies material take-off lists and pricing for storefronts and low-rise curtain wall projects. The software contains preloaded Kawneer storefront and curtain wall systems databases, ready to configure for project-specific quotes, and lists of materials that include glass, metal, doors, hardware and accessories, labor estimates and more.

Now you can directly import the Kawneer material requirements for price catalog supported items, (except A2 custom entrances and frames), from a PartnerPak+® purchase order to a KawneerDirect on-line order. And because you entered your order on-line, you will receive a 2 percent discount on your order.

The basic process flow is as follows:

Create PartnerPak+® purchase order > Export order as KawneerDirect File > Import file into KawneerDirect shopping cart

To use this new feature, both a KawneerDirect account and the latest version of The DeMichele Group’s PartnerPak+® software are required. To sign up for a KawneerDirect account simply go to KawneerDirect.com and click on the “New User” link. If you currently are not a PartnerPak+® software user and need more information on how to sign up, please contact Dick Lindgren at 1-770-645-0029.  If you are currently a PartnerPak+® user and need to upgrade, click here.

Additionally, an instructional document that illustrates the steps to import the file to your shopping cart will be posted to the KawneerDirect.com Resource Center under the "Help" drop-down menu.

If you have any questions regarding KawneerDirect feel free to call us at 1-877-529-9321.