Groundbreaking Solution Delivers Admired Monolithic All-Glass Look for Low-Rise Applications

Innovation and high performance come together in Kawneer’s newest curtain wall addition, released to the market in June. Developed to meet a growing demand for an admired monolithic all-glass look for low-rise applications, Clearwall™ curtain wall is an innovative four-sided Toggle Glazed (TG) system¹ with a breakthrough glass retaining mechanism. This unique toggle mechanism reduces installation labor, simplifies onsite logistics and enhances safety while providing superior aesthetics.

Developed specifically with low-rise commercial and institutional building applications in mind, Clearwall™ curtain wall is a cost-effective alternative to four-sided systems and provides a better value to accomplish the same aesthetic as compared to other approaches used by architects today. While the four-sided structural silicone glazed (SSG) systems are common, installation can be time consuming and labor intensive. Point supported glass systems incorporate stainless steel cables and “pucks” to hold the glass in place. Although this method achieves the sleek all-glass appearance, it is both expensive and high maintenance. And unitized curtain wall systems, designed for mid- to high-rise applications, have also been used to achieve a monolithic look. On low-rise applications, these systems are not always practical due to the complexity of handling and shipping of large pre-glazed units.

The system’s effectiveness comes from the combination of the toggle system with recessed spacer insulating glass units. The toggle mechanically captures the inboard lite of the insulating glass unit and is designed to rotate in place and automatically lock when the fastener is installed. Each toggle captures an edge of adjacent glass lites, increasing the efficiency of installation.

Straight cuts without notching simplify fabrication,while screw spline construction allows frames to be pre-assembled in the shop and shipped ready to glaze to the job site, reducing on-site handling and labor time. Clearwall™ curtain wall features two mullion depths allowing for increased design flexibility based on performance requirements. It has been tested in accordance with North American performance standards, including seismic, thermal cycling, and dynamic water. Finishes for Clearwall™ curtain wall are available in our range of anodized and painted finishes, including an environmentally responsible and solvent-free powder coat.

Clearwall™ curtain wall is offered in two other glazing options. Both options use the unique toggle system to capture a metal interface, which is shop-applied to standard one-inch insulating glass. With the additional options, the interface is attached to the glass with structural silicone or 3M™ VHB™2 structural glazing tape.

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[1] Multiple patents pending

[2] 3M & VHB are trademarks of 3M Company