When I began my career with Alcoa twenty-four years ago straight out of college, I had no idea how invested I would become in this company and the aluminum industry. The great thing about working with such a large and varied organization is that, through my diverse and challenging roles, I feel as though I have had several different careers without having to change companies. Now I am able to take those experiences and that knowledge and apply it to my current role as General Manager for Kawneer North America.

Kawneer and Alcoa have been associated with quality and service for more than a century. My first priority in this new position is to continue to pursue an aggressive investment agenda. Recently, Kawneer embarked on a carefully planned initiative to provide the best customer experience in the industry and upgrade its service centers to provide greater flexibility. We are committed to improving and expanding Kawneer’s operational capabilities, growing our range of products and solutions, and advancing the company through technology and people. We are seeing the results of that commitment. Our investment in new product development is paying off through the launch of our new Clearwall™ curtain wall and Trifab® 451UT framing. And, we expect to launch additional innovative, sustainable products throughout the remainder of 2010.

An ongoing goal of mine, and of Kawneer’s as a whole, is to continue to strengthen our investment in people. These investments, as well as other key initiatives like leveraging the Alcoa Business System (ABS), demonstrate our dedication to ensuring that we continue to provide the quality and service we are recognized for. Through ABS we work with our employees to think about how we can be more efficient and get the best results with less. Ultimately ABS combines the people and the equipment to get the most outstanding results for safer manufacturing and production, higher quality products and services and continually improves our solutions at a competitive cost.

Although market challenges remain, Kawneer looks to the future with optimism and we continue to work to aggressively grow our market presence. Because of the focus and dedication of the team at Kawneer – the people we have invested in – we have been able to bring you groundbreaking new products and solutions and it is through these developments and the focus of our team that we make the seemingly “impossible” happen. I look forward to working with all of the wonderful people, both internally and externally that make Kawneer what it is today and who will contribute to what we will be in the future.

Diana Perreiah
General Manager, Kawneer North America