Though the current state of the industry remains challenging, we continue to look ahead in the hope that the worst is behind us. And, while the market is not yet at the levels we would like, the ongoing market conditions have encouraged us to look inwardly over the past two years – working on driving efficiencies, strengthening our operating footprint and focusing on customer communications.

As you know, Kawneer has a long history of gathering customer input as part of our strategic planning and improvement process. From our annual Partner Panel to quarterly webinars and customer surveys, your input is invaluable and it helps ensure that we are aligned as we invest and grow together. With results gathered from our first Net Promoter Score Customer Survey in 2010, we were able to review feedback and determine areas of the business where we have been successful as well as areas that have opportunity for improvement. One such area that was noted for improvement was in customer responsiveness. Because of the input that you provided in the survey, we have been able to put specific action plans in place and have been measuring the time it takes to respond to voice mail messages, what our “live call” ratio was, and other measurable interactions.

One key component of the survey helps us identify the percentage of our customers who would recommend us to a friend or colleague – our Net Promoter Score (NPS) – and it is an important indication of customer satisfaction. Kawneer’s NPS score improved from 38.5 percent in 2010 to 45.7 percent in 2011, and we have identified over 59 percent of customers as “Promoters,” or those likely to recommend us to friends or colleagues, so far in 2011. While we are pleased with this trend, we continue to work on ways that we can improve even further.

Additionally, the survey allows us to identify customers who indicated that they were disappointed with Kawneer as a supplier and meet with each one individually to discuss what areas need improvement. Where Product Quality and Technical Support emerged as Kawneer North America’s strengths, Delivery and Buying Process were shown as areas requiring more attention. Based on this feedback, corrective actions are being developed and both the external sales organization and inside sales support team are involved.

Knowledge of what customers want and merging that with what your company does best will help create a successful business. Through your direct feedback and these ongoing communications we are able to better understand your needs and how we can create products, tools and services to not only meet, but also exceed them. Thank you for the continued feedback and support you provide. It is only with your help that we can continue to grow as a customer-centric and economically resilient company for years to come.

Diana Perreiah
General Manager, Kawneer North America