Today’s architects and glazing contractors need solutions that are not only sustainable, but also provide versatility in both form and function. Versoleil™ SunShades, the next generation of our sunshade platform, deliver that and more. Beginning with the Single Blade SunShade System, Versoleil™ SunShades offer a broad range of adaptable products to suit almost any project. Design flexibility allows for easy incorporation into any building envelope, and highly configurable blade options provide maximum shading and energy-saving potential.

Pre-engineered for multiple Kawneer curtain wall systems, Versoleil™ SunShades’ common design component offers that versatility. With its variety of multiple single blade options as a standard offering, Versoleil™ SunShades deliver an unmatched breadth and depth of application — all from a single-source supplier. The innovative design allows for adjustment of blade angles during installation based on sun angle and building orientation. To maximize energy-saving potential, reduce solar heat gain and increase occupant comfort and productivity, blades can be oriented horizontally or vertically. Horizontal blades can be tilted at eight different angles in 5-degree increments. Vertical blades can be oriented in 15 different angles in 5-degree increments. This product has also been designed and tested to withstand the stresses resulting from wind, snow or other factors.

When Versoleil™ SunShades are strategically placed, they allow for maximum daylighting, all while minimizing direct sunlight and reducing solar heat gain. These sunshades can help earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits in three categories: Materials & Resources – Recycled Content; Energy & Atmosphere – Optimize Energy Performance; and Indoor Environmental Quality – Daylight & Views.

Not only do the new sunshades add shading to interiors and conserve energy, Versoleil™ SunShades also add aesthetic appeal to building envelopes. Their ability to be seamlessly incorporated into multiple Kawneer curtain wall platforms in horizontal and vertical configurations gives architects increased flexibility. The sleek, aerofoil-shaped blades offer a unique highly configurable design, providing an ideal combination of functionality and aesthetics. Versoleil™ SunShades are available in various depths from 6 to 14 inches, offering even further dramatic impact, sightlines and shade lines.

Providing a high level of aesthetic diversity, the Single Blade System can accommodate a full range of color options. Finishes for Versoleil™ SunShades are available in our range of anodized and painted finishes, including an environmentally responsible and solvent-free powder coat.

To learn more about Versoleil™ SunShades or for more information about Kawneer, please visit or contact your Kawneer sales representative.