News Section of KawneerDirect Resource Center Expanded to Include Customer News Bulletins and Price Change Notification Letters

Kawneer continues to build on our commitment to customer communication and satisfaction by adding more items to the KawneerDirect Resource Center. The latest addition includes an expanded News section on the resource center.

The News section of the resource center, where customer communications are posted, now includes customer newsletters, customer news bulletins, and price change notification letters. Over time, we will continue to add more items to the resource center to provide you with access to more information around the clock and at your fingertips. And, did you know you can search for words on KawneerDirect web pages by using the standard web browser “find on this page” search capabilities? Your search results are highlighted on the page making finding documents on our lists even easier.


If you do not have a KawneerDirect user ID, simply go to and click the “New User!” link on the landing page.