Kawneer Offers New Feature on KawneerDirect

In December 2010 we announced a new feature to the Order Management Section of KawneerDirect – “Upload Stock Items to Cart”. The new feature is ideal when you have orders for extrusions or small parts that would lend themselves to be entered via a spreadsheet.

To use this new feature, simply populate your Excel spreadsheet in a format similar to the one shown. The columns must contain the following:
Column A - The fully qualified part number
Column B - The quantity required
Column C - Optional paint code

Row 1 is always a free-form header and will be ignored by KawneerDirect.

Part numbers in the Excel file must match part numbers exactly as they appear in the online catalog. This feature is not eligible for configured parts such as doors and frames in the A1 or A4 section of the price book. Please note that if a configured item or an invalid part number is found in the Excel file, the whole file will be rejected.

Additional requirements and limitations for uploading the Excel sheet as well as a sample Excel file for download are located directly on the “Upload Stock Items to Cart” page on KawneerDirect.

Through KawneerDirect we work to provide you with tools and communications that not only create satisfaction and ease, but also make it easier for you to do your job. We hope this added feature will save you time when entering grocery-list orders for non-configured products. And don’t forget about the added benefit of receiving a 2 percent discount when you enter a non-quoted order via KawneerDirect. If you do not have a KawneerDirect user ID, go to KawneerDirect.com and click on the “New User!” link. For additional information, please contact your Customer Service Coordinator.