Window Product Updates: Kawneer Revises Panning Options, 
Expands Canadian Market Offering

As part of the revision to our line of Kawneer window products, we eliminated the Kawneer panning shapes previously available through our Springdale, Arkansas facility. Any requirements for pre-set panning will be supplied using the Traco pre-set shapes. Updates have been made to Kawneer windows (AA™3350 Thermal Window, 8400TL Thermal Window and 7225 Non-thermal Window/8225TL Thermal Window) to ensure that specific window frame sill extrusions work with the Traco pre-set panning.

We updated the Architectural Catalog section that included Kawneer panning and trims by removing the Kawneer panning and adding the available Traco trim and clip options listed above.


In other window news, the Kawneer Cranberry facility continues to offer several window options for the Canadian market. Historically, for windows to meet Canadian market performance requirements, we were required to test windows to a specific CSA standard. Our Window Selection Guide, located on, lists the products that meet these requirements. In this guide, the "CSA Designation" column identifies which product was tested to each performance level within the Canadian CSA requirement. Our Cranberry facility produces AA™5450 (OptiQ™) and AA™4325 (OptiQ™) Ultra Thermal Windows, AA™3350 Thermal Windows, AA™900 Thermal Windows and 8400TL Thermal Windows, and all were tested to specific CSA standards.

Please note, however, that more provinces are changing from CSA to NAFS-08 (also known as AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440 or the harmonized standard). All Traco TR and NX series windows have been tested to the NAFS-08 standard. NAFS-08 is now referenced in 2010 NBCC (National Building Code of Canada), 2012 BCBC (British Columbia Building Code) and 2013 VBBL (Vancouver Building Bylaw). Most of Canada has adopted NAFS-08 by reference through their updated building code. Even with the official adoption, it is up to the local jurisdiction for enforcement. Please consult your sales representative for more information.

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