Kawneer Expands Hurricane-Impact Resistant Offering

Wind-borne debris, relentless rain and internal/external pressure changes are all major causes of property damage and injury stemming from hurricanes and violent storms. To address the growing demand for improved hurricane impact protection, Kawneer has added two new window configurations to its hurricane-impact resistant window offering. New configurations of the company’s 8400TL IsoLock® Horizontal Sliding Window and AA®3350 IsoPort™ Single Hung Window have successfully been tested for hurricane-impact resistance and can help meet code requirements.

With the addition of these two new configurations, the current hurricane-impact resistant window portfolio now includes options for the following:

  • Hung/Sliding Windows: 8400TL IsoLock® and AA®3350 IsoPort™
  • Projecting/Casement Windows: AA®900 IsoWeb® and 7225/8225TL IsoLock®

All windows certified as hurricane-impact resistant have been tested according to the standards set forth in the Florida Building Code (TAS 201, TAS 202, and TAS 203) and ASTM impact and cycle protocols and test standards (ASTM E1886 and ASTM E1996).

For more information about our current hurricane-impact resistant window portfolio visit our hurricane resistance information page on Kawneer.com.


Kawneer’s Solector™ Sun Shading Estimator Tool Offers Easy Way to Optimize Shading Performance of Sunshades

For an easy way to optimize shading performance of sunshades early in the design phase, Kawneer’s recently introduced Solector™ Sun Shading Estimator Tool provides a solution. This user-friendly tool allows you to better determine how single blade (blade size, angle and orientation) and outrigger (size and configuration) choices impact the shading performance of sunshades.

The Solector™ Sun Shading Estimator can compare the shading performance of two scenarios using Versoleil™ SunShades on a façade. Using broad assumptions, the tool provides an estimate of cooling energy and cost savings on an annual basis. Energy savings are calculated based on solar heat gain avoided due to exterior shading of the façade. For simplification purposes, no estimation is made of the peak load demand reduction, HVAC cooling fan cost savings or savings from reduction in overall size of HVAC equipment.With the Solector™ Sun Shading Estimator, Kawneer is continuing to fulfill our commitment to providing products and tools that help architects achieve their design goals. For more information and to try out the Solector™ Sun Shading Estimator, click here.